dan campaign 1

I am Kryst Zelgrand, you murdered my mother, prepare to die

  • The group makes it to the end of the pier and awaits Kryst’s uncle.
  • A shadowy boat with black sails unnaturally arrives at the dock, a man with a black trench coat stands upon the boat. Stella deduces he is some sort of “immortal folk touched by something bad”.
  • The conversation between Kryst and his uncle:
    • The uncle’s name is Magnus.
    • The rest of the group is unwelcome.
    • Kryst’s mother’s name is Sapphiriel. His father is alive and “trapped” somewhere. The uncle has made sure of that.
    • “Malkith was the first and I will be the last”. — Magnus
    • There is a monastery in the north east of Alfhein. There is a woman with wings bleeding on the ground stabbed with knives. We should go there and tell them that Kryst is Sapphiriel’s welp.
  • The group saves a woman being attacked by crazy people… there are many casualties.
  • The group decides to go to the glen of the old gods to consult Amen’sai’s new friends. Amen’sai meets a woman with bare feet and a floral crown at the Church of Father Death. Cinderhulk spends the night at the Dwarvn temple, Kryst writes to Dorian. Finn and Stella share a conversation by the pond.
  • The next morning the group meets Relvanor at the Fat Badger.



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