dan campaign 1

Spiders! Why did it have to be spiders?
  • The group is ambushed by spiders when they enter Mearog. After a battle where many are killed the group retreats into a long house and barricades the door.
  • Inside they find 6 humans. They learn that the spider problem started the morning after the angry moon.
  • After a rest the group sneaks to the storage hut and finds a spider speaker.
Welcome back Relvanor, have this city of problems
  • The group meets Relvanor at the Fat Badger.
  • Relvanor dispatches us north to Mearog to do with an evil that has risen. The group should meet Gustaph Horngold when they arrive.
  • The group rides a boat north to Mearog, landing on a beach east of the town. Traveling inland by foot.
  • They barely make it to Firepoint Fort before the beginning night. Inside they meet Alana.
  • The group learns that the spiders which the town cooperated with have become feral and taken the city of Mearog.
  • The next day the group enters Mearog and encounters the spiders.
I am Kryst Zelgrand, you murdered my mother, prepare to die
  • The group makes it to the end of the pier and awaits Kryst’s uncle.
  • A shadowy boat with black sails unnaturally arrives at the dock, a man with a black trench coat stands upon the boat. Stella deduces he is some sort of “immortal folk touched by something bad”.
  • The conversation between Kryst and his uncle:
    • The uncle’s name is Magnus.
    • The rest of the group is unwelcome.
    • Kryst’s mother’s name is Sapphiriel. His father is alive and “trapped” somewhere. The uncle has made sure of that.
    • “Malkith was the first and I will be the last”. — Magnus
    • There is a monastery in the north east of Alfhein. There is a woman with wings bleeding on the ground stabbed with knives. We should go there and tell them that Kryst is Sapphiriel’s welp.
  • The group saves a woman being attacked by crazy people… there are many casualties.
  • The group decides to go to the glen of the old gods to consult Amen’sai’s new friends. Amen’sai meets a woman with bare feet and a floral crown at the Church of Father Death. Cinderhulk spends the night at the Dwarvn temple, Kryst writes to Dorian. Finn and Stella share a conversation by the pond.
  • The next morning the group meets Relvanor at the Fat Badger.
Dark and Stormy
  • Stella thunderbolts a dude and flies away. She retreats to the fat badger. Cinderhulk and Amen’sai arrive on scene and think that the witch they are hunting is the sorcerer described by onlookers.
  • Krist follows the peeping-tom through the town to an alleyway. After talking to the man who followed him he discovers that he is Krist’s uncle. He wants Krist to follow him to find the Passage of Malkith
  • The group meets again at the Kuhl house and goes to the Hoff house to look for knowledge.
  • Amen’sai learns about a dragon and a spear or something. The body of this Yoten was entrusted to the Witch Drisilla.
  • The moon has sudden become huge in the sky and people are going crazy. The group dispatches a few people with glowing eyes looking to attack people.
  • Stella notices a man some kind of disguise helping people into a cellar.
Cinderhulk finds his happy place
  • Cinderhulk starts to speak in Darkspeech and threatens to finish to consuming them all.
  • The local militia arrives prepared to fight Cinderhulk but Christ convinces them to try using the fire brigade instead.
  • The party is able to weaken and disable Cinderhulk with the fire brigade’s water cannon.
  • Amensai and Stella grab to stop his gear and see a Dwarven spirit pulling a dark spirit and a Djinn together towards him.
  • Content Not Found: val performs a modification to Cinderhulk and he is restarted.
  • While continuing the repairs on Cinderhulk the others go to find equipment and enter a shop owned by Bores. While inside Christ is approached by an elderly woman named Flora who recognizes Christ from the infirmary where he healed everyone. The party receives a bunch of etheric powder and tungsten.
  • Bores suggest that they could learn more about Cinderhulk from Morien in Stonetop.
  • Christ finds a pair of MIDNIGHT RED leather gloves and boots at the store.
  • Using the mote of tungsten, Cinderhulk becomes reinforced. Metal chunks develop throughout his structure and he grows slightly in bulk. His arms now appear as large wooden gauntlets that extend up to his shoulders and provide protection and cover like a large shield. But he can no longer wield his two handed weapon.
The End of the Butcher
  • Stella emerges from the crypt with a glow of runes and a lack of clothing dragging Christ. The party has suffered many injuries but no fatalities and retreats to The Fat Badger.
  • Stella and Cinderhulk head to the apothecarium to collect supplies and walk out with the best medical goods money can buy for the three injured allies
  • Lidia, the woman rescued from the crypt, talks with Stella. A victim of kidnapping, she recalled Gern and a woman in the crypt. The woman left to find a man leaving Gern with Lidia.
  • Nisma, Argentis, and Christ are still alive by the morning but unconscious. Stella, Amen Sai, and Cinderhulk return to Gern’s apartment and examine the apartment and the crypt.
  • The party is reminded by its benevolent overlord that Melchior is in the Karamore prison.
  • Mama Nona wanted money from the group to pay for the damages to her building. The party wasn’t having it and both groups left displeased.
  • The injured members of the team were moved to the kid’s house.
  • A shadow man visits Christ, break’s his bracelet off, and gives him a dagger. Christ then awakes from his coma.
  • The party visits the part of Gateway known as Chimneytop in search of someone fix the damage to Cinderhulk. Poppy introduces us to Content Not Found: val and Hendrick. While repairing Cinderhulk they pull out a parchment from him. The parchment is the creator’s notes but they are incomplete.
  • While the Dwarves tinker with him they unlock something and he erupts in flames and runs away bursting through the building.
Under the Canal
  • The party finds a secret path in Gern’s apartment and follow it.
  • A vast cavern is found which has a woman bound to a chair and mumbling.
  • We learn the last person to untie the rope is a man who said “Gern” when untying the rope.
  • Gern attacks the party.
  • Poppy attempted to hit Gern with an explosive and missed, breaching the wall and filling the cavern with water.
  • Khrist makes a pact with the spike.
  • Khrist is probably possessed by a demon, though a different faction of demon than the one that possessed Gern.
  • Stella goes back for Khrist but the session ends with the collapse of the cavern while both of them are in the cavern.

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