Dwarven War Clockwork

  • Attack 3d6+2, +1 boon
  • Health 30, healing rate 7
  • Defense 15+2

Berserk: upon taking damage choose to enter berserk.

  • 6 turn duration
  • +1 bane
  • +16d damage
  • +10 max health
  • immune: charmed, compelled, and frightened
  • must attack each round

Enhanced knockback attack: attack with bane, push 2x strength mod yards, deal bonus damage of number of yards they couldn’t be pushed.

Catch your breath ability: once per rest, reaction ability, heal healing rate.

Strength 14
Will 11
Agility 8
Intellect 8
Perception 9
Health 30
Healing rate 7
Speed 6

Poison, sleep, disease, fatigue

Spoken: Common, Djinn
Read: none

Stuff He Doesn’t Like

  • Non-clockwork.
  • The weak willed.
  • People who ask him questions.
  • People who lead with words instead of force.
  • Demon worshipers.

He was found chained down upon a large, ominous anvil in the depths of Freehold by a group of pillagers looking for wealth in the abandoned depths. In their haste and greed the pillagers removed the shackles that bound the large clockwork down. With the magic of the shackles removed Cinderhulk’s furnace, his heart of power, began to glow then lick with flames, and finally roar with bursts of ash matched with his bellows of a beast. The pillagers did not return from the depths and few have heard the story of Cinderhulk’s release.

Eventually Cinderhulk made his way to the surface and entered the populated areas of the city, by this time he had calmed slightly and was able to escape the city without altercation. While wandering the wilds without purpose the inquisitor Eisenheim happened upon Cinderhulk. Eisenheim recognized that, though unusual looking for a clockwork, Cinderhulk was still a mortal soul and was open to reason.

Eisenheim had heard some history about the sort of clockwork Cinderhulk was built to be, a Dwarven warmachine though he would have to do more research and consult his colleagues for further details. None the less with this bit of knowledge Eisenheim was able to win over Cinderhulk’s interest. Knowing that a wild clockwork implement of war could not be left to wander the world without purpose, Eisenheim recruited Cinderhulk into the inquisitors to give him purpose until Cinderhulk could find it’s own purpose.

The name Cinderhulk was granted by Eisenheim upon meeting him.


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