dan campaign 1

The End of the Butcher

  • Stella emerges from the crypt with a glow of runes and a lack of clothing dragging Christ. The party has suffered many injuries but no fatalities and retreats to The Fat Badger.
  • Stella and Cinderhulk head to the apothecarium to collect supplies and walk out with the best medical goods money can buy for the three injured allies
  • Lidia, the woman rescued from the crypt, talks with Stella. A victim of kidnapping, she recalled Gern and a woman in the crypt. The woman left to find a man leaving Gern with Lidia.
  • Nisma, Argentis, and Christ are still alive by the morning but unconscious. Stella, Amen Sai, and Cinderhulk return to Gern’s apartment and examine the apartment and the crypt.
  • The party is reminded by its benevolent overlord that Melchior is in the Karamore prison.
  • Mama Nona wanted money from the group to pay for the damages to her building. The party wasn’t having it and both groups left displeased.
  • The injured members of the team were moved to the kid’s house.
  • A shadow man visits Christ, break’s his bracelet off, and gives him a dagger. Christ then awakes from his coma.
  • The party visits the part of Gateway known as Chimneytop in search of someone fix the damage to Cinderhulk. Poppy introduces us to Content Not Found: val and Hendrick. While repairing Cinderhulk they pull out a parchment from him. The parchment is the creator’s notes but they are incomplete.
  • While the Dwarves tinker with him they unlock something and he erupts in flames and runs away bursting through the building.



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