dan campaign 1

Dark and Stormy

  • Stella thunderbolts a dude and flies away. She retreats to the fat badger. Cinderhulk and Amen’sai arrive on scene and think that the witch they are hunting is the sorcerer described by onlookers.
  • Krist follows the peeping-tom through the town to an alleyway. After talking to the man who followed him he discovers that he is Krist’s uncle. He wants Krist to follow him to find the Passage of Malkith
  • The group meets again at the Kuhl house and goes to the Hoff house to look for knowledge.
  • Amen’sai learns about a dragon and a spear or something. The body of this Yoten was entrusted to the Witch Drisilla.
  • The moon has sudden become huge in the sky and people are going crazy. The group dispatches a few people with glowing eyes looking to attack people.
  • Stella notices a man some kind of disguise helping people into a cellar.



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