dan campaign 1

Cinderhulk finds his happy place

  • Cinderhulk starts to speak in Darkspeech and threatens to finish to consuming them all.
  • The local militia arrives prepared to fight Cinderhulk but Christ convinces them to try using the fire brigade instead.
  • The party is able to weaken and disable Cinderhulk with the fire brigade’s water cannon.
  • Amensai and Stella grab to stop his gear and see a Dwarven spirit pulling a dark spirit and a Djinn together towards him.
  • Content Not Found: val performs a modification to Cinderhulk and he is restarted.
  • While continuing the repairs on Cinderhulk the others go to find equipment and enter a shop owned by Bores. While inside Christ is approached by an elderly woman named Flora who recognizes Christ from the infirmary where he healed everyone. The party receives a bunch of etheric powder and tungsten.
  • Bores suggest that they could learn more about Cinderhulk from Morien in Stonetop.
  • Christ finds a pair of MIDNIGHT RED leather gloves and boots at the store.
  • Using the mote of tungsten, Cinderhulk becomes reinforced. Metal chunks develop throughout his structure and he grows slightly in bulk. His arms now appear as large wooden gauntlets that extend up to his shoulders and provide protection and cover like a large shield. But he can no longer wield his two handed weapon.



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